Lengthy Thoughtbubble Photo Post! I know it’s the middle of the week but I only got home yesterday =_=

Thoughtbubble was so much fun! I got to experience a lot in a single weekend that’ll keep me going for a long while. I sold some books (not a whole lot, so there’s plenty of Cup 1 & 2 available for you to buy online! *HINT HINT*) and got lots of helpful, encouraging feedback from my fellow artists and creators on not only Cafe Suada, but Siddown! too. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and especially thank you to those who gave me helpful advice towards getting to work on Siddown!, you’ve all given me a lot to think about.

NOW, FOR THE GUSHING. YOU GUYS, I MET KATE BEATON! She was so utterly lovely in person, just as I’d hoped. I was cracking up as I handed over my copy of Hark! A Vagrant because she was drawing super sexy Batman in the guy ahead of me’s book. In mine she drew the hilarious Straw Feminists. I’m so happy, I can’t stop giggling if I look at them. I took a moment to thank Kate for drawing comics that showed me how to loosen up my drawings and be more fun and energetic. She even took a couple of my postcards, and said the artwork was “gorgeous”.

"GORGEOUS." KILL ME NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETE XD (I’m sorry if you happen to read this Kate, I’m not creepy really.)

And then of course there was Glyn Dillon! Glyn recognised me which was awesome, and painted a lovely watercolour in the front of a newly purchased Nao of Brown! This book, THIS BOOK. I’ve barely had a chance to read any of it but what I’ve seen of it is superb.

And what else happened? Well, apart from doodling Tiger and Bunny with my copics (the poor dears need refilling) and hearing all about exciting goings on over at the Pheonix stand (such as the drawing competitions), there was also the mid-con party, the Brit Comic Awards, and an unexpected happening at a Women in Comics panel.

The mid con party started off quite quietly. I’m not normally one for parties but I do wish we’d gone later and stayed later. We turned up unfashionably early, and Dean and I had barely had any sleep so we left by half 9. It was a looong weekend. But the people we chatted to while we were there really made it so fun, I’ll have to get more sleep before the one next year. Also the venue was pretty interesting, some of us reckoned it’d be an awesome place for a shoot-out, lots of glass and cover for a good battle. Heh.

Now I missed the BCA’s like an idiot because I thought they were on Friday. Turns out they were on Saturday, and they were apparently super fun, and dash it all I wish I’d gone because awesome creators won! Congratulations to everyone, especially Josceline Fenton and Luke Pearson! Huge fan of you two.

And finally I wanted to mention something interesting and unexpected that happened. I’d been encouraged by friends to attend a “Women in Comics” panel on the Sunday, but didn’t want to leave my table and miss out on sales. More importantly however, I didn’t want to support a panel with that title. SO, I asked friends about it afterwards.

Now don’t get me wrong, I freaking LOVE women in comics. Creators, characters, you name it, I support it. I want it. I NEEED it. However, having panels that call out creators based on what is or isn’t between their legs is NOT something we need! I think it’s much more constructive to have panels with specific themes, and then a balance of genders on those panels.

So I was pleasantly surprised to hear what happened. Apparently, as soon as the panel began (featuring Kate Beaton, Alison Bechdel and others) the panelists all said they didn’t want to talk about the fact they were women. They decided to just talk about their work and that was that. Thank GOODNESS! This made my day.

So all in all, a fantastic weekend. Thank you, as always, goes to Dean. For keeping me company, helping me lug around ze comics, and then taking me to Wagamamas to finish off the trip. It was so nice to see so many familiar comic creators and to talk to lots of you at length, you’re my favourite people and I wish I could see you all more often. BRING ON THE NEXT TBUBS. AND BRING ON MORE COMICS. *Gets to work*